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Today an aquaintance said to me, "Silke, can I hug you? When I see you, I think of home and safety!"

I thought that was a lovely thing for her to think.

Happy new year, everyone! I hope it'll be a good one!

2012 new years resolutions:

1. Stay happy
2. Get fit enough to do Tongariro Crossing
3. Keep working with good people in jobs I love
4. Avoid accidents and illnesses that could kill me (2011 = fail)
5. When on the radio try to chill and think before talking, rather than think out loud, uncensored.
6. Try to manipulate the world around me in a way that there'll be another Bressa Creeting Cake concert
7. Write at least 10 new songs that are good enough to perform, play outside Auckland, learn picking, and record something I'm happy with.
8. Start the book.
9. Get into painting again, it's been years.
10. Go camping at least twice.

Bonus: Fall in love with someone kind, funny, intelligent and available, who lives in Auckland, who loves me back.

Can I please not be so heartbroken this year? Just a thought.
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